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20 x Disc magnet 6 x 2 mm | nickel-plated | Strength ca. 680 g


The Disc magnet made of the material NdFeB (neodymium - iron - boron) has a nickel-plated surface and the strength is about 680 g
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  • Kind: Disc Magnet
  • Diameter: 0.23 x 0.08 inches
  • Material: NdFeB (neodymium, iron, boron)
  • Surface: nickel-plated
  • Magnetisation: N48
  • Detention-strengthens: approx. 1.5 lbs
  • Weight of Magnet: 1 g

Important notes by using neodymium magnets

Keep sufficient distance (75 cm) to all critical objects and other magnetic objects!

  • NEVER use in the vicinity of pacemakers DANGER!)
  • NEVER give magnets children to play (danger of being crushed)
  • NEVER use in the vicinity of computer screens or television sets
  • NEVER place in the vicinity of credit cards or other magnetic memories (extinguishing danger)
  • NEVER let magnets collide (for crushed fingers and skin, as well as fracture and fragmentation hazard of the magnet)
  • NEVER edit these magnets mechanically (such as filing, grinding, turning, drilling, sawing, ...) - you can bond with special adhesive

This magnet should be primarily responsible for technically interested persons with legal ideas, and not be used as described in some forums as a Magnet for continuation of electricity meters, the manipulation of electronic equipment or casino roulette etc..

We hereby dissociate ourselves from any illegal practices associated with this magnet can be done and reject any liability for damage caused by the improper handling of magnets arise from. With the purchase of the magnets, you confirm that you understand the above warnings have read and understood.
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